Fasolas in Naxos: Reviving a 19th Century Neighborhood by a Former Accountant

Fasola district stands as the historic commercial hub within the village of Filoti in Naxos. With its charming whitewashed cobblestone streets and quaint shops, this picturesque neighborhood transports visitors back to the traditional way of life experienced by the island’s inhabitants in the 19th century.

Over the past 12 years, this small, traditional community has experienced a revival, all thanks to the remarkable efforts of one man. Nikos Moustakis, a 72-year-old retired certified accountant, has devoted his time, energy, and personal funds to restore six old shops in Fasola, with plans to continue this endeavor.

I hail from Filoti, and even while living in Athens, this place has always held a special place in my heart,” says Mr. Moustakis. “Initially, I opened a Numismatic Museum in another part of the village, showcasing my extensive collection of banknotes and coins circulated in Greece and Cyprus from 1820 until the advent of the euro,” he explains. “Subsequently, I restored the carpenter shop, barber shop, blacksmith shop, tailor shop, grocery shop, and traditional coffee house. In the next phase, I aim to restore the shoemaker shop, two mills, and a bakery.”

Mr. Moustakis dreams of collaborating with local authorities in the subsequent stage to find individuals who can breathe life back into these old shops. “It would be truly marvelous if we succeed in this endeavor. Imagine strolling through the district and witnessing the traditional bakery, carpenter shop, or cobbler shop bustling with activity, just as they once did. And, of course, being able to savor a cup of coffee or purchase bread there“, Mr. Moustakis envisions.

One thing is certain: when the project reaches completion, the coffee shop, grocery store, and traditional bakery are bound to captivate both residents and tourists alike, serving as enticing attractions within the neighborhood.