Festivals – Throughout the year

Naxos is an island with a rich cultural calendar that pulsates with a primal rhythm, blending sounds and art from all around Greece and the world. Distilling the fruits of its deeply rooted culture, you can taste the purest expressions of art here, year-round.

Cultural events

Axia Music Festival: August, Halki

The Axia International Festival is held annually during the summer in the charming square of Halki, offering a delightful experience filled with music, art, and environmental activities. It serves as a unique gathering place for music and art enthusiasts, featuring musicians from all over the world performing on a stage set up in the heart of Halki’s central square.

Dionysia Festival: September, Hora

Dionysia Festival takes place in September in Hora, Naxos. It is one of the most popular festivals on the island and features a range of events such as concerts, theatrical performances, art exhibitions, and more. The festival culminates in a wine feast, which is a tribute to the Greek God Dionysus. The festival is held on the first weekend of September and attracts both locals and tourists.

Demetria Festival: August, Sagri

The Demetria festival is an annual event that takes place during the first week of August in Sagri, a charming village that is also home to the ancient Temple of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. The festival offers a range of agrotourism stalls where visitors can sample and purchase locally produced goods from the fertile land of Naxos. In addition to the stalls, there are concerts and theatrical performances held in the courtyard of Agios Eleftherios, a 17th-century monastery. The festival also features art exhibitions showcasing the works of established artists, with photography exhibitions lining the village’s picturesque alleys.

Naxos Festival: All Summer, Bazeos Tower

The Naxos Festival is a prominent cultural event on the island, taking place all summer from June to September at the historic Bazeos Tower. The festival has been celebrating Naxos’ cultural heritage for over 20 years, showcasing a diverse range of performances and exhibitions from various art forms, both contemporary and traditional. The festival has also become a platform for global intercultural exchange, with international artists coming together to create a unique and regenerating cultural atmosphere. The Bazeos Tower, a 17th-century monument, serves as an environment of coexistence for these artists, further enhancing the multicultural productions that take place during the festival.

Domus Cultural Festival: April to October

The Venetian Museum in Naxos, located in the heart of medieval Kastro, hosts a range of musical events, including jazz, classical guitar, and piano performances. It hosts various concerts between April and October.

Naxathlon Triathlon: August

The Naxathlon is a triathlon competition that takes place in August. Triathletes from Greece and around the world come to compete in three stages: open water swimming, cycling, and running. The event attracts top-level athletes who have performed exceptionally both in Greece and abroad. It is an exciting event that offers an adrenaline rush to both participants and spectators, including tourists visiting the island during the summer season.

Cycladia: June to August

Cycladia is a cultural cooperative organization situated near the village of Damalas. It serves as a “Positive Island” where visitors can immerse themselves in live music and events, art exhibitions, a recording studio, marble sculpture, workshops, and seminars in dance, yoga, and theater. Additionally, Cycladia offers activities tailored for children. This international space provides a platform for individuals to express their creativity and engage in educational pursuits. Cycladia is a significant destination for both the local community and visitors to the island.