Among the remarkable archaeological discoveries on Naxos, the island boasts three prominent "Kouros" statues. These colossal sculptures, depicting young men, hold immense historical significance and can be found in two separate locations across the island.

Two of these "Kouros" statues are situated in the village of Melanes, while the largest among them stands proudly at the entrance to the ancient quarry near the village of Apollonas. One of the Melanes statues lies beneath an oak tree, nestled in the ancient Flerio quarry. The other statue, known as "Kouros faraggiou", rests 500 meters uphill from the quarry and portrays a female figure, referred to as a "Kori".

The "Kouros" statue in Apollonas village, spanning a length of 10 meters, is believed to represent either the god Dionysus or, in the past, the god Apollo. Crafted from white marble, this statue weighs approximately 80 tons. Interestingly, it reclines at the entrance of one of Greece's oldest recorded marble quarries.

Legend has it that these statues were left unfinished due to cracks appearing in their respective trunks, prompting the artisans to abandon their work at their precise locations. The "Kouros" outside the Apollonas quarry, in particular, may have originally been intended for the nearby temple of Apollo, given its alignment with the temple's construction period.

Encounter the awe-inspiring presence of the "Kouros" statues as you explore Naxos' rich archaeological heritage. Stand in awe of their imposing stature and reflect on the mysteries that surround their incomplete forms, offering glimpses into the island's ancient past.