Agiassos Beach is an untouched stretch of shoreline located on the southern coast of Naxos Island, Greece. Nestled in a charming bay, the beach is surrounded by rugged cliffs and rolling hills, creating an idyllic setting for visitors seeking a peaceful seaside experience. Snorkelers can explore small coves with caves at the beach's edges, while a small wetland teeming with birdlife offers nature lovers a unique opportunity to observe local species.

The sea floor is also home to an abundance of marine life, making it an excellent destination for underwater explorers. Agiassos Beach is ideal for families with young children, as the waves are usually gentle, and the shallow waters provide a safe and fun environment for children to splash around. Even during peak season, the beach remains relatively uncrowded, making it perfect for those seeking relaxation. A few cafeterias and restaurants can be found nearby. Access by car is possible via the road connecting Chora and Chalki, taking the crossroad after Sagkri. Alternatively, visitors can take a dirt road connecting Agiassos with Pyrgaki.