Plaka is among the most popular beaches in Naxos, stretching for over 4 km and a natural continuation of Agia Anna Beach. Since the 1960s and 1970s, Plaka has been a beloved spot for visitors. The beach boasts a variety of options for visitors, including luxurious hotels, camping grounds, bohemian cafés, and fine dining restaurants. Water sports enthusiasts can indulge in activities such as windsurfing and paddleboarding, as several operators provide such services.

Plaka Beach is renowned for its sand dunes, which are home to diverse species of birds and other wildlife, making it a favorite destination for nature lovers. The beach is easily accessible by car and is connected to Naxos Chora through a bus service that operates until late at night during the summer months.

Plaka Beach is a stunning destination that offers something for everyone, whether it's unwinding on the sand, swimming in the clear waters, enjoying exciting water sports, or exploring the local village and countryside. A visit to Naxos would be incomplete without experiencing the beauty of Plaka Beach.