Portara - Temple of Apollo Naxos The Portara of Naxos, situated at the northern end of the harbour, is a magnificent marble gateway dedicated to the deity Apollo. The Portara serves as the entrance to an ancient temple that was initiated at this location but, for reasons unknown, never reached completion. Constructed in the Ionic architectural style, the temple was designed to match the specifications of Athens' Temple of Olympian Zeus.

The Portara itself is comprised of four colossal marble pieces, each weighing a staggering 20 tons. It has become an emblematic symbol of the island, easily recognizable due to its impressive size. Interestingly, some of the marble from the temple was repurposed by the Venetians in the construction of other buildings. The archaeological site surrounding the temple welcomes visitors daily, with the ideal time for exploration being during sunset.



  • Portara, Νησίδα Παλάτια, Naxos, South Aegean 843 00, Greece