Hiking Trail No. 4 is a circular route that starts and finishes in the charming village of Chalki. Visitors can appreciate the beauty and thriving community of the village, which serves as the gateway to various notable features such as Byzantine churches, archaeological monuments, and towers. These landmarks include the Panagia Protathronos, a church dating back to the 6th century BC, and the Barotsi-Gratsia Venetian tower from the 17th century located within the village. The architecture of the village's houses is also distinctive, adding to the overall charm of the trail.

During the hike, visitors can experience a forested landscape, a stream, dirt and paved roads, olive groves, and areas with intense and low vegetation. Springtime is the best season for botanical observation as wildflowers and herbs bloom on the trail or in nearby fields. Hikers can also observe tree species of the old Mediterranean forest such as oaks, kermes oak, and maple trees in the forested areas.

There are two ways of entering the route, either from inside Chalki village or crossing to Akadimi and hiking directly up to Moni. Whichever road visitors choose, there are continuous signages along the entire length of the trail.

Starting the hike from Chalki, visitors will come across a series of landmarks including the Agia Marina temple, Agios Georgios Diasoritis (which dates back to the 11th century), as well as the temples of Agios Antonios, Agios Nikolaos, and Panagia Rachidiotissa in Moniitsia (Rahi). There are also alternate routes that lead to the early Byzantine churches of Taxiarchis and Agios Isidoros.

On the way to the village of Moni, visitors will first come across the Panagia Drosiani dating back to the 6th century BC. Then, visitors will continue their journey through the villages of Moni, Kaloxilos, and Akadimoi. The Byzantine church of Panagia Damniotissa is located near Kaloxilos, and as visitors arrive in Akadimoi, they'll come across the tower of Markopoliti-Papadaki.


For first-time hikers, it is easier to begin the route from Akadimi to avoid steep inclines Carry plenty of water and snacks Hiking poles are not necessary but can be useful

Level: *

Duration: 2 hours and 10 minutes

Elevation Gain: Approximately 200 meters