Naxos for Families

Naxos has a reputation as a family friendly destination and we couldn’t doubt it. Parents and children alike can have an unforgettable experience, thanks to the endless sandy beaches, clear blue waters, excellent mediterranean cuisine, a rich ancient heritage, and picturesque villages.

Naxos coastline creates an endless playground for children. Agios Georgios, Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios and Mikri Vigla are ideal beaches for families with young children as they offer clear waters where the shore deepens gradually. Available sunbeds and other amenities make the organised beaches appealing to families.  

Regarding available activities, there’s an extensive range of options, including exploring various parts of the island by car, joining a tour, learning a new hobby or simply lounging under the sun for a relaxing experience.

Hiking trails offer an excellent adventure and educational experience for all family members. With a variety of trails ranging from easy to moderate, families can choose the route that best suits their fitness level and interests. The island’s diverse terrain includes mountains, valleys, and coastal areas, providing a picturesque backdrop for hiking. Children are excellent explorers for nature and wildlife.

Along the way, kids can learn about the island’s flora and fauna, as well as its geological features, such as caves and waterfalls. Hiking also offers an opportunity to visit remote villages, which can be a valuable cultural experience. Families should ensure they have the necessary gear, such as comfortable shoes, sun protection, and ample water and snacks.

Windsurfing, kitesurfing, and scuba diving can be considered by families with children, but it is important to check age requirements for each activity. Sailing with children can also turn into a thrilling “pirate” adventure, exploring undiscovered beaches and caves.

A visit to historical landmarks such as the Archaeological Museum, Dimitra’s Temple, and Kouros statue presents a valuable opportunity to discover the island’s rich history, mythology, and culture. Walking through the castle of Chora is another fun and educational experience. Located at the highest point of the island’s capital, this historical site offers stunning views of the town and sea. Children can learn about the castle’s fascinating history linked to the Venetian occupation of the island. The castle walls, towers, and gates are impressive architectural features that can capture the imagination of young ones. The castle’s narrow streets, ups and downs, and ways out make it difficult to navigate with a stroller, so it is recommended to visit without one.

Naxos provides numerous dining options. Local tavernas and restaurants offer a diverse selection of dishes, including fresh seafood, local meat and cheese, and traditional Greek specialties.

Travelling with kids can raise concerns about health and safety, but on Naxos, several doctors can be found in the villages and Chora has an equipped hospital. Additionally, many pharmacies are available for occasional family needs.

Naxos offers an ideal island getaway for families, with an abundance of activities and sights to enjoy, a secure environment for kids, delicious and healthy cuisine, as well as warm and accommodating locals.