Naxos in 7 days

Experiencing Naxos in a week allows for a well-rounded vacation with plenty of time to explore both the adventurous and relaxing sides of the island. Whether you choose to stay in the charming town of Chora, a beachfront apartment, or a picturesque village, there is something for everyone.

Day 1: Visit Chora and nearby beaches. Spend a relaxing morning on one of the most popular and beautiful beaches, such as Agios Prokopios or Plaka. Enjoy the evening in Naxos Castle and watch the sunset at Portara – Apollo’s Temple.

Day 2: Spend the morning exploring the picturesque Naxos countryside. Start by visiting Dimitra’s Temple in Sagri. In a 15-minute drive, you can reach Damalas village to visit the ceramic workshop and the traditional olive press museum. Continue further up the mountain to Chalki village.

Day 3: As you start getting oriented in the mountainous region, take the next step and go for a hike. Mount Zas offers a moderate trail that is well-marked. You can hike to the top and enjoy the stunning 360-degree view of all Cyclades. On the way down, stop at Filoti, wander through the white-washed houses, and visit the small churches. There are many taverns in the main square to taste local recipes.

Day 4: Take a daily cruise to the Small Cyclades. There are many sailing boat trips that offer excellent opportunities to get to know a nearby small island. You can spend the day on the boat, enjoying the sun and the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.

Beautiful Plaka beach in Naxos
Agios Mamas church

Day 5: Explore the mountains and coast in a full-day excursion to Apiranthos, Moutsouna, and Panormos. Begin your morning by visiting the unique architecture of Apiranthos, then drive to Moutsouna to see the historic cable cars for emery transportation and the giant crane structure on the small fisherman’s port. Don’t miss the chance to taste fresh fish and seafood at the small port of Moutsouna. Enjoy a scenic road trip among the peaceful beaches until you reach Panormos beach and its prehistoric settlement.

Day 6: Learn a new hobby! Try activities such as windsurfing, scuba diving, or stand-up paddleboarding. If you plan to spend your holiday learning a new sport, start on your first days on the island to have ample time for courses and practice.

Day 7: Due to the windy days during the summer, the north coast can be quite unapproachable for swimming and sunbathing. If you happen to catch a non-windy day, take advantage of the opportunity to visit the beaches on the north side of the island and enjoy a breathtaking sunset.

After spending a few days on the island, you are more likely to make new friends and discover your favourite places to eat, drink coffee and enjoy. Naxos may just become your new holiday home, and we hope to see you again next year!

Mountainous landscape on Naxos