Small Cyclades

The Small Cyclades comprise a group of islands located in the eastern part of the Cyclades, to the southeast of Naxos and to the northwest of Amorgos. The islands consist of Iraklia, Donoussa, Koufonissi (Upper Koufonissi and Kato Koufonissi), Schinoussa, and the uninhabited Keros, as well as several smaller rocky islets.

Vacations on the islands of the Small Cyclades are ideal for those who seek tranquillity, appreciate unspoiled landscapes, and enjoy a leisurely pace. The unique character of each island is embodied in the combination of sandy beaches adorned with countless shades of blue, off-the-beaten-path trails, and delightful local dishes that can be savored in the taverns. A sojourn in the Small Cyclades almost guarantees relaxation and a deceleration of pace.

Travelling by car in the Small Cyclades can be challenging. It is preferable to explore the hidden beaches on foot, relishing quality time and embarking on adventures with yourself and your loved ones.

The inhabited islands of the Small Cyclades offer all the necessary amenities, such as accommodations for rent, restaurants, and mini-markets. Spending a few days there provides an opportunity to escape the crowds of the larger islands and indulge in the crystal-clear waters, just a short stroll away. Additionally, numerous daily cruises depart from Naxos Chora or Agia Anna port, allowing visitors to visit multiple islands in the Small Cyclades in a single day.



An excursion to the Small Cyclades is certain to become one of the highlights of your holiday.

Koufonisia: An excellent destination for families, with a sandy and clear beach near the port. For a small adventure, embark on a walk all the way from the coast to Pori Beach, and marvel at the
diverse shades of blue the sea can display, as well as the extraordinary coastal rock formation.

Iraklia: Hikers will be enamored with Iraklia. The island boasts eight marked trails for hiking, and the entire island is part of the Natura 2000 network of protected areas. One of the trails leads to Agios Ioannis, the largest cave in the Cyclades, featuring numerous chambers, stalagmites, and stalactites.

Schinoussa: Here, you can relish beautiful beaches and swim in the Aegean Sea. At the end of June, the “Fava celebration” takes place for two days, offering an exceptional opportunity to
celebrate local culture, music, and gastronomy.

Donousa: This island is a small, untouched natural paradise that harmoniously combines hiking with swimming in stunning beaches. As you traverse the trails, you will be greeted by the aromatic scents of cedar trees and wild Mediterranean herbs.