Tragaia Valley is a lush and fertile valley surrounding Chalki in the center of Naxos, known for its olive and fruit trees. Since ancient times, it has been considered the richest and most fertile part of the island. Among the trees, the villages of Tragaia stand out, including Kaloxylos, Akadimi, Kerami, Metochi, Chimarros, Tsikalario, Damarionas, and Damalas. The valley offers numerous hiking trails for visitors to explore the villages and observe the diverse ecosystems.

The forested landscape with oak trees alternates with olive groves and pasture lands. In addition to the rich natural landscape, there are several Byzantine churches throughout the valley that reflect the island's rich history, including Panagia the Protothronos (6th century AD) and Saint George the Diasoritis (11th century AD) in Chalki and Taxiarchis in Monoitsia (first millennium). There are also two Venetian towers: the tower of Barozzi or later Gracia, a magnificent building constructed at the beginning of the 17th century by the Venetian family Barozzi, and the tower of Marco Politis-Papadakis in Akadimi village.