Paths and Hikes

Naxos is a popular destination for those seeking adventure and nature tourism, thanks to its diverse natural landscape, numerous historical monuments spanning different eras, and well-preserved local culture. The topography of the island has valleys and high peaks. Streams run through the valleys and villages for most months, creating a beautiful landscape to explore. Walking is the best way to familiarise yourself with those hidden natural trails and spots. There are routes for all hiking levels, from very simple nature walks around villages to steep slopes to enjoy rapid elevation gain and challenges.

Hiking & nature for every level
Hiking is a enjoyable way to explore hidden natural areas. It combines movement with nature and exploration and can be a marvellous experience for everyone. Hiking doesn’t have a recommended level or age. It is an activity that everyone can enjoy, following certain rules and guidelines.

On Naxos, there is a network of marked trails all over the island covering everything. Individual travellers can prepare their hiking excursions based on those routes. On the island, there are also companies to prepare, plan, and guide you to your selected routes. Experts in nature, hiking, herbalism, and geology can guide you, providing a high level nature immersive experience as well as the safety and the pace to have an experienced guide with you.

What to bring
Whether you go with a guide or you prefer to hike individually, you have to be well prepared. Firstly, always wear a hat, hiking shoes and comfortable clothing. Bring with you plenty of water and small snacks with sugars, sunscreen, windproof jacket and extra quick t-shirt. Holding a map of the area and the routes around can help you orientate in the unknown areas. A first aid kit is always recommended adding all the medication that is necessary for you. Hiking poles can be a useful item also depending on your level and style of hiking. For safety reasons avoid hiking alone. Organise the hike with a friend and always have full battery on your phone before you start and inform someone about the route that you are planning to follow and estimated time of finishing.

Combine hiking with monuments and visit the villages
Naxos is an island in Cyclades, whilst hiking you will pass through villages and settlements. This is a great opportunity to combine hiking with sightseeing and visiting surrounding villages. Nature and culture complement each other and walking offers an immersive combination of both.

Take a walk on the mild side
The following trails are carefully selected from the network of Routes of Cultural Interest, established in Naxos by the South Aegean Regional Unit. We are presenting four of the official routes network to start exploring Naxos nature, alone or with an expert.

There are four paths you can follow: