Apeiranthos, also known as Aperathos, is a picturesque village that offers a truly authentic Greek experience, with its unique character and preserved traditions. The village is often referred to as the "marble village" due to the abundant use of marble in the streets, houses, and public spaces, which gives it a luminous appearance under the Aegean sun.
Founded around two towers in the 17th century, Apeiranthos is a marvel of folk architecture, with each corner revealing a unique creation that has been carefully crafted over time. The chimneys in the village display a variety of forms, creating a "valley of chimneys" that is unlike anything else in the world.

The village is home to five museums that showcase its rich artistic and spiritual heritage, including the unique Aperathian linguistic idiom that has preserved ancient Greek and Byzantine elements. The locals take great pride in their customs, such as the Koudounati on Carnival, the weaving tradition, and the Aperathian song, which is the ability of the men and women of the village to speak in verse. This tradition has its roots in Byzantine times and antiquity, as evidenced by the surviving monuments.|

Visitors to Apeiranthos will find the people to be warm and welcoming, with a deep appreciation for the joys of life. The village is renowned for its spontaneous celebrations, where visitors are often invited to join in and experience the true essence of Greek hospitality. Apeiranthos is a special place among the many unique villages of the Aegean, and it is not to be missed during your visit to Naxos Island.