The village of Tripodes (or Vivlos) is known as the "Village of Windmills". It is located in the southwestern part of the island, 8 km away from Chora, at the passage to the magnificent beaches of Kastraki, Alyko, Pyrgaki, Mikri Vigla, and Orko, and at a short distance from the famous Plaka beach known for its dunes. It belongs to the Livadochoria area.

The Tripodian windmills are a unique form of folk architecture and are closely tied to the economic and historical development of the village. They utilized wind energy through sails to rotate the millstone. The wind moved the sail and a wheel mechanism that rotated the millstones. At the entrance of the village, the dominant structure is the church of 'Panagia Tripodiotissa', an old monastery dating back to the 16th century AD. Towering trees and galleries cover the large courtyard, providing coolness to the pilgrims.