A small and charming village, considered one of the most beautiful in Naxos, known for its unique architecture. Like most mountain villages in Naxos, it preserves its medieval style, in contrast to the coastal settlements on the island which follow the Cycladic layout. Among its most renowned landmarks - one of the most significant in Naxos - is the Ionic Temple of Demeter, located 4 km from the village, dating back to the era of the tyrant of Naxos, Ligdamidos, between 530-520 BC.

This temple, along with the Temple of Dionysus at Yria, is considered an architectural precursor to the Parthenon. In Ano Sagri, it is worth a visit to the Folklore Museum, housed in the former monastery of Agios Eleftherios, which during the Turkish occupation served as a secret school. Meanwhile, in Kato Sagri, declared a listed settlement, the ruins of two Venetian towers make a striking impression. Lastly, there are two Venetian palaces, the Bazaios Tower and Sommaripa Tower, and traditional windmills in the area.