Halki (Chalki) is a small, yet distinctive village situated in the heart of Naxos. The village is renowned for its old tile-roofed mansions, classic balconies adorned with charming balustrades, roof garlands and cobblestone courtyards. It was once the main financial and commercial hub of the island.

The area is lush and fertile, boasting a verdant landscape of olive groves and citrus trees, making it the most fertile region in Naxos. Halki (Chalki) is a traditional village, famed for its neoclassical mansions that bear testimony to its rich cultural heritage and history.

Visitors can explore the village's numerous churches and monasteries, such as the Panagia Protothroni Church, which dates back to the 9th or 10th century and features stunning murals. Halki (Chalki) is also renowned for its local produce, including olive oil, citrus fruits and traditional sweets.


  • Halki Cafe, Χαλκί, Νάξος, Chalkio, South Aegean 843 02, Greece