Keramoti is situated in a lush green valley and comprises of small stone houses and narrow picturesque alleys that are not accessible by cars, preserving its traditional character. Just 3km outside Keramoti lies the Routsouna waterfall, where water cascades down a height of approximately 20 meters. The waterfall is fed by rivers originating from the mountains of Koronos and Fanari and ending in the plain of Engara.

Visitors to Keramoti can also explore an old oil mill. The few inhabitants of the village are known for their warmth and hospitality, typical of the people of the traditional mountain villages of Naxos. The Cross (Stavros) of Keramoti offers one of the few vantage points on the island where visitors can view both the east (towards Donousa) and west (towards Paros) seas simultaneously. This is an impressive sight, especially during sunset and moonrise.